Our Story

Brenda and Megan originally met in early 2016, as students of Fireweed Farm and School’s nine-month long Herbalism Apprenticeship Program in Victoria, B.C.

Brenda & Megan, Founders & Creatresses

When the two of them met outside of class for the first time to begin working on their final projects for the program, they admitted to one another that in spite of their individual efforts to follow clean and healthy lifestyles, there is something magically special about a perfect glass of wine.


What started as a joke (“I’m ashamed to admit I like good wine!”) quickly evolved into something much more meaningful as the two reflected on the seriousness of clean and natural living alienating those who may otherwise benefit by incorporating something as simple as a restorative self-care practice.

And so Two Drunk Witches was magically borne, with an aim to help make the therapeutic and healing properties of plants accessible to all, on the basis that clean and healthy living should be fun, playful and exciting.

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Our Products

Our products are lovingly chosen and handcrafted using sustainably-sourced and locally wildcrafted ingredients.

You can visit our online shop by clicking here, and we are also glad to meet in person in Victoria, B.C. You can also check out some of our amazing stockists by clicking here.

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 And Just to Clarify…

We’re not actually drunk (though we won’t say some of our favourite ideas haven’t come about whilst indulging in a glass or two).

A special thank you to Heather Holden for creating our original Two Drunk Witches logo; to Andy Frias, for our updated logo and graphic design for all our label packaging; to Keith Horseman, for producing our unique hardware display stands; and to Ryan Spedding, for his video production work.

Please contact us at info@twodrunkwitches.com should you wish to find out more about our talented contributors.