Please phone or text 250 213-9762 when placing an order for local pick-up to ensure we can accommodate physical distancing measures.

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Sales Re-Opened on Existing Inventory

Dear friends, we want to let you know that as of April 15, 2020, we have re-opened online sales based on our existing inventory.

Please note, sold out items may not be immediately restocked as we continue to monitor the situation around COVID-19 and assess how we can adapt our business during these unusual times.

Important: Local pick-up is available based on physical distancing protocols. We ask you to please phone or text us at 250 213-9762 when placing an order for local pick-up to ensure we can accommodate these measures.

Thank you for bearing with us and continuing to support us as we face these new challenges. Stay safe, dear ones. We love you. 



Self-care made simple.

Our products are created by carefully choosing natural and organic plant-based ingredients with the goal to make self-care as simple, joyful and inclusive as possible.

Handcrafted with love.

Produced in small batches with thoughtfully selected ingredients.

Celebrating self-care.

Self-care is about listening to our bodies and minds, and responding with what feels right.

Honouring the power of plants to nourish and heal.

And what better way than by highlighting the incredible therapeutic and healing properties of plant ingredients, in the form of botanical self-care?