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Who We Are


We are Brenda and Megan, co-founders and creatresses of Two Drunk Witches, your modern apothecary.

The two of us originally met in early 2016 as herbal apprenticeship students at Fireweed Farm and School in Brentwood Bay on Vancouver Island, B.C. 

One afternoon, while working together on our final projects, we started discussing the shadowy sense of guilt that seems to arise as a side effect of adhering to a healthy lifestyle. Choosing healthfulness, it would seem, is an all-or-nothing affair - green smoothies and regimented workouts and a perfect eight-hours, and zero room for transgressions.

What’s the harm, we asked, in the occasional indulgence? Shouldn’t self-care be about listening to our bodies and minds, and responding with what feels right? 

This is the reason we began to cheekily call ourselves the “Two Drunk Witches” – because, we agreed, there’s no shame in enjoying the odd glass of wine!

As we spent more time working together, what started as a joke evolved into something much more meaningful. Before long, a vision had formed: to find a way to make self-care as simple, joyful and inclusive as possible. And what better way than by highlighting the incredible therapeutic and healing properties of plant ingredients, in the form of botanical self-care?

Which is why together, we began creating a range of natural, botanically-based self-care products designed to be as effective as they are fun! As your modern apothecary, we offer everything from traditional healing salves blended with wild-crafted ingredients, to more familiar products, including a unique array of facial skincare formulas.

How’d We Get Here

It’s kind of wild to reflect on how relatively short a time the two of us have known each other, and the amount of growth and learning that’s unfolded since we embarked on this adventure. But what led us here, exactly?

Well, for Brenda, she’s always had an entrepreneurial streak with a focus on wellness and beauty, having even previously co-owned a natural food store. As mom to a large family, she’s frequently on the move and understands the vital importance of making time for oneself. This, combined with a decade-long dream of creating her own natural skincare line, is what led her to spend nine months as an herbal apprenticeship student, gaining hands-on learning about the ways plants can nourish and heal.

Megan first became interested in herbal medicine as a result of her own health journey, after a period spent learning to manage acute anxiety. Herbal medicine offered her the opportunity to become a conscious advocate for her own health and, after quitting her corporate job in 2015, she was serendipitously guided to Fireweed Farm’s herbal apprenticeship program, where she had the opportunity to deepen her knowledge and understanding of plant medicine.

As soon as we started working together more closely, we realized, firstly, that we always seem to have a ridiculously good time and, secondly, that our strengths complement each other perfectly. Confident and charismatic, Brenda thrives on working face-to-face, while Megan’s more comfortable focusing on the words and images behind the scenes.

Perhaps the most profound element of our partnership is how beautifully it all flows, from the way Two Drunk Witches very first sprang into being, to the ongoing evolution of our offerings and creations. Recipes frequently come together as if by magic, products practically name themselves and the two of us constantly marvel over the surreal-ness of getting to do something creative and that we love.

We love to experiment and come up with new creations, and are always committed to choosing high quality natural and organic ingredients designed to keep your self-care routine clean, simple and joyful.